Vintage Silk Crêpe Japanese Chirimen Kimono

  • Luxury, full-length vintage Japanese kimono in a gorgeously tactile silk crêpe fabric, known as Chirimen. Chirimen is a traditional Japanese weaving technique that creates a fabric with a subtly crimped weave, used often for its texture and draping qualities as well as for the fact that it does not crease as much as other silks.*

    Swooping and dramatic, this gorgeous kimono robe features a stunning and subtly iridescent abstract pattern print on the bottom hem (looks and feels like paint), this is also reprised on the left sleeve.  Pressure button holds the neckline in place. Fully lined in red cotton & burgundy silk, this piece is quality through and through. 

    Please note: original Japanese kimonos do not come with a belt as obi belts are traditionally chosen and added separately - a rolled-up silk scarf would also look gorgeous with this!

    *During the fabric-making process, the raw silk threads are first twisted and then woven through untwisted threads. Once the fabric is washed, the twisted threads try to unravel themselves, creating the desired crimped effect known as 'shibo' in Japanese.