Vintage Pure Silk Kuro Tomesode Japanese Kimono

  • Luxury, full-length handmade vintage Japanese 'kuro tomesode' kimono in heavy, high-quality silk.

    Swooping and dramatic, this stunning black kimono robe is traditionally worn by married women as the equivalent of a formal 'mother of the bride' outfit, then embellished lavish gold, silver or white obi belts and accessories. 

    The small circular print is called mitsumon and is a family crest, printed in three places, on the sleeves and on the back. The white inner lining adds light and contrast, while pressure buttons hold the neckline in place. A rare gem, in perfect condition.

    *Please note: original Japanese kimonos do not come with a belt as obi belts are traditionally chosen and added separately - a rolled-up silk scarf would also look gorgeous with this!