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So you've been considering starting your own online vintage shop / small online business here in Ireland, perhaps with a view to leave corporate, spend more time with your family and do something you truly love. You have bags of enthusiasm but it all feels pretty scary and overwhelming. How should I brand it? Do I register anywhere? What about taxation? What marketing channel is best for my needs? And on it goes...What you need is a friendly professional who has been where you are now and has lived to tell the tale...


  • As a successful professional online vintage seller since 2019 let me demystify the process and guide you past the overwhelm with my dedicated, one-to-one Coaching sessions for new vintage sellers and budding online entrepreneurs - all in a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

  • My tailored Coaching sessions take your specific needs into account as a female entrepreneur based in Ireland and are ideal taken at the beginning or even at the pre-set up stage of your online business journey. I can guide you through the key practical aspects of starting a small online business from scratch- including concept and branding, business name registration, accounting and taxation essentials, marketing and so much more (...basically all the things I wish I had known when starting out! :))

  • As Coaching is fully personalized to your specific requirements, we will be focusing on the issues that matter to you and that you would like more information and support on - no fillers and no fluff!

  • Sessions take place conveniently online via Zoom and last 50 minutes each. As a daughter of two teachers with previous experience working as one, coaching is my blood and something I truly enjoy, so you are guaranteed structured, informative, friendly and supportive sessions. Please note that places are strictly limited as I want to ensure I can focus on a small number of clients.

Book a FREE, no-commitment 15 minute discovery call below to explore how my Coaching can help you on your entrepreneurial journey! I look forward to meeting you and cheering you on.

- Vittoria

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