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The Archive

Because of the nature of vintage, it's not possible to keep pieces in stock for long or to ever reorder back in the same ones: every vintage and antique gem that passes through the shop is completely unique. When a piece is sold, the corresponding listing is removed from the website as the piece begins a new life in one of your welcoming wardrobes.


Do I remember every single one of them? You bet I do. Some of these previously sold gems were truly spectacular finds, worth revisiting and celebrating. Which is why I decided to create this little Archive page - it's also a way to give new customers an idea of what to expect, even when current stock levels on the website are low (on this topic, top tips: keep checking in every second week for new drops, call into our Blackrock boutique to explore the full stock and sign up to the Newsletter so you don't miss any of the Edits!)

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