Antique textiles for everyday life: a manifesto.

antique linen pillowcase

Ok, so calling it a manifesto is probably a bit much. It's more like...recurring thoughts that, as an antique lover, dealer and collector, I am finding I stick by in my own choices. The main one being simply that antique textiles are for everyday life, and not for sitting pretty in a drawer. Too many of us lock away these treasures for various reasons: to use on special days only, for fear of getting them damaged, to store them for future generations. I am here to tell you not to, and why...

Made from truly organic, all-natural fibres (usually hemp, linen and cotton), their composition bares no affinity with the intensely farmed and chemically-treated crops of today - and you can tell at first touch. These pieces are naturally strong, yet gentle on sensitive skin .

In addition to the exceptional materials, antique items for the home were made by expert hands who spent time, sometimes months, on each piece and infused them with love and care. Pillowcases to bathroom towels, these were often made to be part of a personal marriage 'corredo' (hence the monograms). These young women were pouring time, attention and care into every piece as they daydreamed of their future, and created lasting beauty in the process.