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Kickin' Around the Kings' Inns...

Today I am taking you for a leisurely stroll in a small area of Dublin off the beaten tourist track. But this doesn't make it any less interesting...

I love Henrietta Street - it's one of the best preserved Georgian streets in Dublin, and although a few businesses and the fascinating Tenement museum 14 Henrietta Street are based here, the place retains a feeling of stillness and quiet, giving the beautifully symmetric doorways a near-dreamlike quality.

Walking up Constitution Hill you will find yourself at the imposing entrance of The Kings' Inns - this is Ireland's 'Inn of Court' and the country's oldest school of law. Walk through the black iron gate (don't worry, you are allowed to!) and you'll find yourself in a small, quiet park lined with trees and benches. A lovely place to escape to if the stress of the city becomes too much.

My favourite spot in the park is a little hidden away if you're coming through the main entrance - it's closer to the black gate at the opposite end of the park. It's locally known as 'the Hungry Tree': it's an old London plane tree that through its lifetime has 'eaten up' a Victorian wrought iron park bench! (No, really.) The sight looks like something straight out of a fairy tale!

Although the air felt crispy and wintery, nature still told an autumnal story, and so did my outfit! Here I am wearing a 1970s vintage paisley maxidress I bought on Etsy with burgundy tights, black knee-high flat boots and my mother's old 1980s black belted coat.

The chunky Mohair scarf is from Other Stories from a couple of years ago (it's so thick I tend to just wear it as a collar as I can't seem to find a way to knot it properly!). The bag is a grey faux suede carry-all that is about 10 years old at this point- but I still can't bring myself to part with it.

On the way back (...or on the way over, it's up to you!) a great place to stop for a take away coffee is The Chocolate Factory, which isn't a Chocolate Factory at all not has anything to do with Roald Dahl, but is rather a lively hub for creatives and a venue space for cultural events.

Whatever the time of year, I hope you'll give this little area a try next time you're in Dublin!


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