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NEWS A Home For The Shop: Boutique Opening in Blackrock Market! ✨

So excited to announce that starting from Saturday 24th February I Can Tell By The Moon will have its own permanent boutique in Dublin's Blackrock Market!

So much still to do, so much to tell you. But here's the gist:

I've been on an active search for a proper home for the shop for over a year. A place that would be a welcoming hideaway home for all vintage dreamers - a place to browse, to shop, to linger and to make connections in.

How extraordinary to have found it exactly in the place where I first started trading in person, in a community that supports the shop so warmly.

The Unit is ideally placed right at the entrance of the market, on the right as you come in through the main gate and opposite

the Veggie Vibe café - you won't be able to miss it! It has plenty of space for all the vintage & antique treasures I can't wait to finally show you all in one place!

Aesthetically I have a vision for it and what I'd love it to look...but I am sure that at first it will feel more like a pop up! Please bear with me as I take the time to furnish it slowly and organically determining what the specific space needs. Hopefully it will be worth the wait! This vintage home was dreamt up as a dedicated space for you, and I hope you will enjoy it.

To conclude I just want to say thank you Blackrock Market, truly and deeply, but most of all thank you, my fantastic customers, in person and online, for supporting what I do so loyally and for helping make this dream come true.

The journey ahead is exciting, and daunting, and thrilling, and wild, and magical, and a little bit mad.

Let's do it! ✨

Shop Opening Saturday 24th February at 11am Shop Opening Hours: Thurs 11-2

Fri 11-2

Sat 11-5

Sun 11-5 Other days by appointment


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