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Shop News: The Italian Edit & Summer Dates!

All the info on the Shop's Italian Edit with summer dates, as I decamp back home in July to spend time with family...and source more vintage beauties, of course!

If you are a regular around these parts and have been for a while, you will know that every summer I head back to my native Italy to enjoy some quality time with my family and reconnect with a place that, even after so many years living in Ireland, is still home. I come from the South of Italy which very much comes alive in the summer months, so it's a joy to be able to be there in person and enjoy the nature and the sea.

As I don't see this shop as work but more as a personal passion project, I don't see it as something I need to take a break from as such. However I do like to take a break from routine, so in summer I generally wind down the weekly Friday edits that as you know are my regular year-long shop to-do. These will be reprised in mid-August. But this doesn't mean that the shop itself goes on a break: not at all!

Again, if you have been following the shop for a while you will already know this, but for anyone new around these parts: while the weekly edits are on a break, from Italy I continue regularly posting new items on Instagram as I source them. It's actually so much fun to be able to share some of my Italian finds in real time! These can generally simply be purchased via DM. If I have time, I get to post some on the website too so do keep an eye out! But Instagram (Stories, usually) are just a handier, speedier and more direct way to showcase items as I find them.

So, to sum up, here's the details: if there is anything at all you would like posted out before I leave for Italy, this Friday 23rd June at midday is the last ordering date before the trip. Anything purchased after this time will be posted on my return, on Monday 31st July, as will be the items purchased while I am away.

Thank you so much as ever for understanding how this shop, this creation, is a direct an extension of me. And I might add I appreciate all those of you who are on this journey with me for years, following, purchasing, leaving reviews and becoming virtual and even real-life friends! I appreciate it all. Come to Italy with me and I hope you will enjoy all the beautiful Italian finds we'll discover together!

Vittoria x

P.S. if you don't follow the shop on Instagram yet, do it now so you won't miss any upcoming Italian pieces!


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