Take 3: Vintage Picks of the Week

With new items coming in on a weekly basis and most of my attention going to those, sometimes I feel the need to revisit and rediscover pieces in the shop that, for their quality and beauty, I feel are deserving of a little more attention. So here's a little space that I'm hoping to make a regular thing where I get to sit down and talk to you in a bit more depth about some of my favourite seasonal pieces now in the shop.

After the all-brights of summer and with the weather turning colder these days, I feel a natural attraction towards classic autumnal shades and warming fabrics...if it's the same for you too, read on! Here are some of my favourites seasonally-appropriate vintage gems now online:

vintage maximalist silk top with velvet
  1. First up is this exceptional 100% Silk German-quality maximalist floral top. Super soft, the print on the fabric is so beautiful up close that it looks nearly hand-painted. The front features a gorgeous black velvet band (two of my favourite fabrics in one top, happy days!)