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Quiz: What Vintage Outerwear Are You?

I've always loved a good quiz - you know those from old fashion magazines, where you kind of already know what the answer's going to be...but you take it anyway for the laugh! I decided to have a go at drafting one for the blog, so here's my own take: let the answers to these questions lead you to your ideal vintage outerwear piece! Have fun :)

Question 1:

Where would you rather travel to?

A) Gritty New York City in the 1980s

B) A remote, cosy retreat in the Scottish highlands

C) Moody Paris off-season

D) The wide open spaces of the American West

Question 2:

What's on the stereo?

A) Old school hip hop

B) Folk music

C) Chilled jazz

D) 1970s rock classics

Question 3:

What's your palette?

A) Achingly contemporary

B) Classic and timeless patterns

C) Muted, minimalist shades

D) Eclectic, yet coherent

Question 4:

You've just won the lottery! What would you spend your first cheque on?

A) A wild night out with all my mates

B) I'd save it towards a long term goal

C) Travel first class to my favourite destination

D) Music, books and live gigs galore

Question 5: What's cooking?

A) A quick coffee & sandwich, I'm always on the go

B) A sit-down roast with all the family

C) Whatever the latest hip restaurant has on the menu

D) Burritos & craft beers with a friend

Question 6:

At the movies:

A) Binge-watch the latest tv series

B) A fascinating documentary

C) A 1940s black & white drama, just to admire the costumes

D) Your favourite Coen Brothers movie (for the 10th time)

Question 7:

Time for a date:

A) An indie gig

B) A romantic stroll on the beach

C) Meet at the gallery for the latest exhibition

D) Coffee from the independent café around the corner


The Results: your answers were.....

Mostly As: your vintage outerwear match is...

The vintage 1980s Suede Bomber Jacket! You enjoy living life to the full and have your finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary trends: if it's hot now, you know about it. You also know your style and love showing off the odd fashion reference through little vintage touches in your wardrobe, often adapting menswear pieces. The 80s and 90s are your go-to eras for this purpose.

Mostly Bs: your vintage outerwear match is... The vintage Irish Tweed Jacket! You love and appreciate nature and the beauty of slow living, and like being surrounded by quality in everything in your life: from relationships, to experiences, to home, to clothing. The first thing you search for in a vintage item is lasting quality and a classic style to enjoy again and again.

Mostly Cs: your vintage outerwear match is... The Spanish vintage Suede Coat! Quiet and sophisticated, you are the definition of a 'flâneuse': you thrive surrounded by art and beauty and love taking inspiring wanderings around the city. You are perfectly at ease with your own company, and as a consequence you know your personal style well. Your looks always manage to be understatedly sexy without ever being try-hard.

Mostly Ds: your vintage outerwear match is...

The 1970s Western Suede Jacket You are fun and gregarious: people naturally gravitate towards your good humour and your wide-ranging interests, from past pop culture and trends to contemporary cinema. When it comes to your vintage wardrobe, you know exactly what you like (everything 70s retro!) and you rock it with confidence and ease.


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