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The Vintage Linen Blouses Are Here!

*Update: this drop is now sold out. Please keep an eye on the website as there will be more gorgeous linen blouses added throughout the summer. Thanks again for your interest in these beauties!* I am thrilled to introduce a very special mini-drop to the shop: 5 unique vintage linen blouses from Italy, all in pristine condition, all hand-embroidered and each completely unique.

Holly White vintage dress

Few fabrics are as evocative of summer days as pure, crisp, white Linen. And when this Linen is vintage, add in the quality of the fabric, the intricate beauty of the details - and yes, even the font in the labels!, you get a piece that instantly embodies the idea of holidays away in romantic, sunny locations.

Whether you are planning one such holidays or a summer in the city, vintage linen will be your best friend: a completely natural fabric, it is ideal for even the most sensitive of skins and crucially it is also thermo-regulating, and has a breathable and cooling effect in the warmer temperatures.

The linen top is also an entirely timeless wardrobe piece - a reliable (and very pretty!) workhorse that you will return to again and again, regardless of trends. Yet no linen blouse is alike - this week for example I have 5 gorgeous vintage linen blouses in the shop, ranging in era from the 1950s to the 1980s. They are all beautifully hand-embroidered yet each is unique, for styles to suit all tastes! Here are some examples...

The Sleeveless Button Back:

The Collared Button Up:

The Floral Button Back:

Discover the full selection online now, alongside more gorgeous, summer-ready vintage blouses and tops, hand-picked for you in my native Italy and on my travels! - Love, Vittoria x


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