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Vintage & Me: Adele Miner

Welcome back to Vintage & Me! This week I am excited to chat all things vintage with Irish journalist and Deputy Editor of Stellar Magazine Adele Miner, who combines a professional knowledge of women's fashion with a personal passion for vintage.

Holly White vintage dress

Photo Courtesy Adele Miner

How would you describe your personal style?

I would like to say my style is quite eclectic. I don’t have one set style that I stick to all the time, I

like to match my look to my mood. Some days I feel soft and feminine and so I’ll put on a maxi

dress with puff sleeves, other days I feel more grungy so I’ll pull out an old checked shirt and a

band tee, my outfits are dictated by my feelings.

How and when did you first discover vintage?

I think when I was around 16/17 and started to shop for myself with pocket money I discovered

my love of vintage. Like any teenager, I loved going shopping with my friends and I always

found myself gravitating toward the vintage and second-hand shops in Dublin’s City Centre. I

felt like each vintage piece I picked up had lived a life before me and had its own story to tell,

that’s still something that draws me to vintage. I remember when I was 18, I bought a gorgeous vintage tweet blazer with my first paycheck. I felt so proud handing over my debit card and investing in a one-off piece with the money I had earned. I still wear that blazer regularly to this day, which is a testament to the timelessness of vintage!

What is your favourite vintage era and why?

Without a doubt, the 1970s. I love everything about the aesthetics from that era, particularly the

aesthetics that came out of America in the 1970s, they really did it best in my opinion. I feel

most ‘Adele’ when I’m wearing an outfit that has some nod to the era. I love how broad it is,

from the classic bellbottoms and ringer tees to the softer more boho pieces that came from the

70s like maxi skirts and long neck scarfs, I could wax lyrical about it all day.

What is your favourite vintage piece you own?

It has to be a suede tassel jacket I found while thrifting in Paris last year. In most countries I visit

I always dedicate at least one day to hitting up the vintage and second-hand shops. I want to

build a wardrobe over my life that’s a mix of new and old pieces sourced from all over the world.

I’ve also recently found a stunning 1970s ballgown from a vintage seller on Etsy and I can’t wait

to wear it for the first time later this month at the 2023 VIP Style Awards. For my job as a

journalist I’m really lucky that I get to attend glamorous events, and that means finding nice

outfits and getting dressed up, so it’s important to me to wear second-hand and sustainable

pieces where possible, it makes getting dressed that bit more special.

What are 3 timeless wardrobe pieces you recommend?

A good blazer can pull any look together, you can throw it on with jeans and runners or over a

dress and heels and you’ll look good. Brown heels are a surprising must-have in my wardrobe too. I found a pair of tan wood heels in my local charity shop a couple of years ago and I can’t believe how often I reach for them, they go with everything! The perfect jeans. It sounds cliché but a good pair of jeans will transform your wardrobe. It’s all about finding a fit and shape that works for you, it can take years to meet your perfect match but once you do, you won’t look back.


Adele Miner is a 27-year-old Journalist from Dublin in Ireland. Her love of vintage and

second-hand clothing spans the last decade and in that time she has built a wardrobe

with one-off pieces from around the world. Adele on Instagram


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