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Vintage & Antique Nightgowns

Welcome to the Vintage & Antique Nightgowns section, where you can find a selection of  dreamy sleepwear pieces to make you feel like the main character your own romantic novel. Please note that only a very limited number of pieces is listed on the website as part of the online Edits every other Friday, and as items are purchased they are removed from the website. As a result only few pieces may be online at any one time. To view the full collection please visit our boutique in Blackrock Market and to get first dibs online and get notified about future Edits as they are released you can subscribe to the Newsletter.

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    Whether you are looking for a nightdress for a special occasion or you are a seasoned collector of antique textiles, you know that a one-of-a-kind antique nightgown is the true definition of luxury: a one-off handmade piece of history made from the finest, all-natural and truly organic materials, embellished by skilled hands in beautiful lace with the addition of exquisite monograms. Explore my curated selection of romantic vintage and antique nightgowns, sourced in my native Italy and elsewhere in my travels. From superb quality antique French chemises to Victorian cotton nightgowns in lace and broderie anglaise - not forgetting gorgeous bridal slips and spectacular 1970s Victoriana full lengths gowns - every single piece here has been handpicked to make you feel exceptional. And with the right accessories, many of these gorgeous vintage and antique nightgowns will also work perfectly as bohemian dresses! Worldwide shipping available.

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