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Vintage Clothing

Welcome to the Vintage section, where you can find a selection of  Vintage clothing (1950s-1990s) currently available online. Please note that only a very limited number of pieces is listed on the website as part of the online Edits every other Friday, and as items are purchased they are removed from the website. As a result only few pieces may be online at any one time.  To view the full collection please visit our boutique in Blackrock Market and to get first dibs online and get notified about future Edits as they are released you can subscribe to the Newsletter.

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    Just like a book, a poem or a piece of music, an item of clothing tells a story. Every other week I am thrilled to bring you a new handpicked edit of unique, high quality, romantic vintage clothing. From puff sleeve Austrian blouses to wool blazers and from Laura Ashley 80s blouses to Pure Silk shirts, I hope these pieces will inspire you to tell YOUR story - with your own unique voice. Every item is freshly laundered, ready to ship & ready to wear. Worldwide Shipping available.

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