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5 Reasons Why I am Obsessed with Vintage Dirndls (And You Should Be, Too)

There are many reasons I love spring/summer, and one of them has to be the opportunity to wear statement, whimsical dresses you wouldn't normally be able to get away with in winter. And what better way to feel like a princess on a day trip in Provence than a genuine vintage Austrian folk dirndl? Here's 5 reasons why.

1. They are beautiful. The dirndl, with its full gown and puff sleeves, represents a visual statement by itself. For this reason I am very careful to only handpick vintage dirndls with soft, gentle palettes to balance this out and make the dress wearable for the everyday. Same goes for the patterns - at I Can Tell By The Moon you will find only classic patterns (florals, check, tartan, gingham) that will stand the test of time and make your vintage dirndl a piece to treasure and wear again and again.

2. They are quality. Vintage dirndls are the crowning glory of Austrian folkwear, and as such are consistently beautifully made, with tailored, feminine silhouettes, great attention to detail from buttons to embellishments, and fantastic fabrics. I like to stick with trusted brands, Made in Austria wherever possible, and in natural fabrics like Cotton or Linen - especially in summer, these will be your best friend and make your vintage dirndl dress breathable and cooling.

3. They are practical. We're talking easy-peasy, one-piece dressing. Just add sandals or lace up espadrilles with a bit of a heel for some height, and you're done. Oh and the best part? Most dirndls have deep pockets, perfect for your phone, keys and whatever else, so you can even leave your bag at home. Happy days.

4. They are contemporary. Yep, they are so much more than cottagecore. Don't believe me? Try this: just add a white crew neck t-shirt underneath and Doc Martens on your feet, open a few buttons and watch your dirndl turn into a trending 90s outfit under your very eyes!

5. They are iconic. Want proof? Brigitte Bardot got married in one. I rest my case.

Discover my handpicked selection of genuine Austrian vintage dirndl dresses now online at I Can Tell By The Moon! All in superb quality 100% Cotton, all unique, all genuine vintage. And if your favourite one happens to have sold, no fear - keep checking back every Friday at 7pm (when I release new drops) or sign up to the Newsletter to be notified of new arrivals. There will definitely be more coming soon!


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