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A Very Tartan Christmas: the Flora MacDonald Edit

After watching a recent documentary on Scottish history, I found myself very happily lost in a rabbit hole reading about Jacobite heroine Flora MacDonald, who, through sheer bravery and a clever stratagems, helped Bonnie Prince Charlie leave Scotland after the defeat of the Battle of Culloden, effectively saving his life.

It's a fascinating (and terribly romantic) story, and it's no wonder it very quickly seeped into the part of me that is...this shop.

And, really, what better excuse than Christmas to indulge in a fancy for tartan, velvet, puff sleeves and big skirts - which I am pretty sure Flora herself would have loved?

So here's a sneak preview of an edit I am REALLY excited to bring you: in theory it's a party edit, so special pieces to show off during the Christmas period, but that of course can also be adapted to the everyday. It consists of 4 stunning vintage folk dresses and 3 vintage folk jackets, all made in Austria in Scottish-inspired tartan and velvet - so expect top quality and incredible attention to detail. Think big skirts, big sleeves, and embroidery...these are real heritage pieces to enjoy, but also to love and treasure for the future.

I have opted to present this to you now so that you can be sure that they will definitely be delivered in time for your party season (as socially distanced as it is likely to be, that's no reason not to dress up, am I right?...)

I look forward to catching up on Friday at 7pm GMT when you will see these 7 pieces in all their glory, with full measurements and details listed on the website. Until then, catch up on Instagram!

Thank you as always for your support and for your warmth.



“Speed bonny boat like a bird on a wing,

Onward the sailors cry.

Carry the lad that’s born to be King,

Over the sea to Skye.”

[Flora aiding the escape of Bonnie Prince Charlie ‘over the sea to Skye’ is immortalised in the ‘Skye Boat Song’, published in 1884.]

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