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The Austrian Vintage Knits Are Coming...

It's that time of year again! I have just listed four incredible Austrian folklore cardigans that are sure to become the next favourite thing in your winter wardrobe...

It's no secret that I have a thing for Austrian folk knitwear, and in particular Austrian vintage cardigans. I own three myself, they have served me very well for many winters now, and I love having them in stock when possible (I say when possible because they can be hard to come by!)


Over the years I have come to the conclusion that fast fashion is the equivalent of fast food: it may *look* like food, but it won't fill you up. We can extend this metaphor to clothing, too: a cheap acrylic coat or cardigan may look the part, but it will surely leave you freezing. I have learned this the hard way growing up, wondering why I kept feeling cold although I had about 700 layers on - until I went vintage, and realised where I had been going wrong.

Since this Damascus moment I only wear genuine wool in winter (if it's good enough to keep warm shepherds in the Alps, surely it's good enough for me!) Plus these vintage gems are often handknit, giving them a completely unique feel that is warming in a whole other way.

In addition to the superb quality of their wool, Austrian folk cardigans also shine for

craftsmanship, for their exquisite folk motifs, for the attention to detail in the finishes (their traditional, decorative metal hardware is beautiful), for their tactile quality... Popcorn knits in particular are having a moment, striking the perfect balance between warmth and a feminine, romantic aesthetic - but I love them all: mutton sleeved or cropped, floral or minimalist!

This first mini drop of Winter 22/23 consists of 4 gorgeous Austrian popcorn cardigans (3 cream and one red), in a variety of sizes from XS to L, so hopefully you will be able to find the perfect piece to see you through the winter season.

The Austrian Knits Mini Drop is online now.


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