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Vintage & Me: Holly White

Welcome back to Vintage & Me, where we explore the vintage reference points of fashion-savvy, talented women from Ireland and abroad. This week I am thrilled to have as guest Irish food blogger and author Holly White - who also happens to be fabulously stylish! Here she shares some of her early vintage memories and her go-to vintage pieces.

Holly White vintage dress

Photo via

How would you describe your personal style?

Timeless, conscious and classic. I love simple, well-made pieces. I have a mix of good investments and a few very special dresses and occasional pieces of vintage. I definitely don't buy into trends, I really just buy what I love.

How and when did you first discover vintage?

My mom is a huge fan of vintage - I grew up with her always tweaking and tailoring bits and pieces. She was very good at sewing, she always loved dyeing things and really making pieces her own. She was also a huge fan of vintage shopping. And then over the years, whether buying second hand or vintage pieces, I've just always kept an eye out for special things that catch my eye and that I love.

What is your favourite vintage era and why?

To be honest my favourite fashion era would, because I think there's such a rise in people buying more sustainably, and I don't really think trends are as specific. I really think people dress in what they love and I think that's amazing. However, if I had to pick one specific time, I think the glam, rock 'n roll California 1970s / Fleetwood Mac era just always strikes me as being a pretty special moment in time.

What is your favourite vintage piece you own?

My watch. I love timeless, classic design but also I love things that you can use and enjoy every single day. I don't like the idea of things being too delicate, almost, to use and enjoy. What I love about my watch is it's always on me, and although it was an investment piece it is something that I get to enjoy every single day.

Holly White vintage cardigan

What are 3 timeless wardrobe pieces you recommend?

I definitely feel a great pair of jeans is really important, you can dress them up or down. Find whatever style suits you and buy well. If we're sticking with the denim theme, also a great pair of Levi's cutoffs, really important... Classic hoop earrings and some lovely knitwear. They would be my three things that if I had, I'd be pretty happy. Good, gorgeous classic yellow or rose gold hoop earrings, a nice piece of knitwear, good jeans...throw in some denim shorts if possible...and a vintage camisole underneath!

Holly in her I Can Tell By The Moon vintage cardigan Photo via Instagram


Holly's Bio:

"I made the decision to adopt a plant based lifestyle over 8 years ago and have never looked back.

Through blending a whole foods plant based diet with daily mindfulness and intuitive practices I have come to a place where the level of confidence and balance I had been striving for has become a reality. I know how to make the right choices for my body, mind and soul and I want to empower you to do the same. The key is what I call a Loving Diet - good for you, the planet and our animal friends too. I teach live classes and share recipe content every month in my Vegan Cooking Club."


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